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What’s in a Name: We are Now Camphill Village Copake


The occasion of our 60th birthday in 2021 enabled us to examine our place in the Camphill Movement of North America. Ours was the first Camphill Community established on this continent, and in the tradition of our communities being named after the place in which they were established, the immigrants who founded this organization named it Camphill Village USA. What followed were decades of growth, where our roots spread across North America. House leaders and coworkers branched off out of their home here in Copake to establish communities in Minnesota, California, and elsewhere. There are now more than a dozen Camphill communities in North America, most of which are in the United States.

Over the years, our name has led to some confusion, where there is an understandable assumption that we are an umbrella organization responsible for running the rest of the Camphill communities in North America. In fact, no entity holds that duty, as we are all separate organizations belonging to a lateral movement of similar values and goals. In an effort to dispel the confusion and join our fellow Camphill communities, we are glad to be officially acknowledging our special home in Copake, NY. Camphill Village Copake can still be found at, but please take note that our social media handles have changed on Facebook and Instagram. We remain @CamphillCopake on Youtube.

To learn more about our rich history and how Camphill communities came to be, please visit our history page. You can also find a list of all the Camphill communities in North America by visiting the Camphill Association of North America here.

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