Social, Spiritual, & Cultural Life

We care for each other in a welcoming environment surrounded by friends. Many of our community members with developmental differences have lived here in Camphill Village for more than 50 years, creating strong bonds and traditions that they pass down to younger generations.

Our community is intergenerational and vastly multicultural. Children of long-term volunteers grow up alongside elders, and more experienced community members of all abilities guide young volunteers and students who come here from all over the world. These young coworkers bring new perspectives to Camphill Village each day, and the many cultures represented here enrich our community beyond measure. We are always learning from one another.

The social structure of our community is built upon equality and the inherent dignity of every human being, and this is the premise of our Christian non-denominational work. Camphill communities follow the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s body of Anthroposophical spiritual discipline, and these teachings guide our spiritual growth, social engagement, and service to one another.

We enjoy a close relationship with the congregation of the Christian Community Church up the road in Hillsdale, and have weekly services in Camphill Village, as well as Bible evenings on Saturdays. Our spiritual life in Camphill Village is exciting and renewing, regularly recommitting us to one another and opening our hearts so that we can be of service to our peers. As such, we have great fun celebrating the Christian feasts and festivals, including Michaelmas, Saint John’s Day, and the Holy Nights to name just a few. We frequently weave our appreciation for performance and thespianism into our celebrations, either through music or acting in skits and plays.

Our beloved community space, Fountain Hall, is where we hold many of our gatherings and parties, although the Hall Pond is a favorite place for picnics. Outside of organized community gatherings, we love spending time with friends, either hanging out here in the Village or heading out to the bustling cities of Hudson or Great Barrington, as well as getting involved in our local communities of Copake and Hillsdale.