Camphill Academy

Students of the Camphill Academy come from all over the world to live alongside adults with developmental differences while enrolled in coursework that improves their creativity, communication skills, and understanding of how to apply social therapy. Academy coursework prepares students for a number of professional fields, and requires them to put concept into practice each day.

Because Camphill Village is a campus of the Camphill Academy, you can earn your certification in one of two Inclusive Social Development programs here in the Village. Our ability to offer this enriching coursework aligns with our wish to encourage all residents to pursue their interests and passions and develop meaningful relationships along the way. In many cases, prospective students enroll to join the Camphill Academy following a year of volunteer service in Camphill Village.

Students studying at Camphill Village Copake have the benefit of an immersive and transformative education while pursuing a concentration in Social Therapy. These individuals often desire to approach different professional fields (e.g. medicine, the arts, and human services) with compassion and a holistic skillset that enables them to assist others in reaching their potential.

Some may instead choose a concentration in Social Agriculture and Biodynamics, where they learn to support the growth of individuals with developmental differences through biodynamic agriculture. The gardens of Camphill Village become classrooms where principles of social therapy and agriculture merge to create a unique experience that can be applied to work in school and community gardens, farms, and elsewhere.

Studying Inclusive Social Development

Are you looking for a transformative learning experience? Are you ready to deepen your understanding of Camphill, anthroposophy, or inclusive community building with knowledgeable and passionate instructors? Are you interested in pursuing college-level studies in the field of inclusive social development debt-free?

If so, you may be eligible to apply to Camphill Academy’s practice-integrated post-secondary programs in Inclusive Social Development, the art of building inclusive communities, which includes supporting individuals in finding and maintaining meaningful and fulfilling work, as well as enriched social and cultural lives. Additionally, students at Camphill Village may have the option to pursue a concentration in Social Agriculture and Biodynamics.

The Camphill Academy offers three consecutive levels of certification, which build on each other and are typically completed in one, three, or five years of full-time study. Programs emphasize emergent field-based learning within the context of community life. In addition to academic and artistic coursework, students’ activities include participation in extended-family living, the cultivation of an active cultural and spiritual life, and supervised practice within the context of the home, café or bakery, craft workshop, biodynamic farm or garden, and other inclusive enterprises.

Offering the only program of its kind in the English language, the Camphill Academy attracts students from all over the world. All program costs are carried by the participating communities in form of a “Community Fellowship,” so there is no tuition or cost to students to participate. This allows students opportunities to study and make progress towards a bachelor degree through one of our degree-granting partner colleges and universities without incurring financial debt.

To learn more or apply, please visit or speak with the Camphill Academy Program Director at Camphill Village USA.