Support the Residents of Camphill Village Copake

Why Your Donation Matters

Your charitable gifts are the lifeblood of this community, helping to support the basic needs of the Village while also providing for medical costs, therapies, activities, and much more. State contracts and federal entitlements cover less than 50% of the cost to run Camphill Village, so we rely heavily on private donations to help make up the difference. Your gifts support our community in many ways, including:

Our biodynamic farms and gardens, which provide meaningful activities and nutritious meals for our community

Medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance or trusts, as well as different therapies that contribute to our wellbeing

A host of cultural performances and other fulfilling experiences enjoyed by our community members

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More Ways to Support Camphill Village Copake

There are many simple and creative ways that you can make a difference for Camphill Village. These include donations to our Annual Fund, which provides for so many of our community’s necessities. You can also make a Legacy Gift that will support Camphill Village over time.

Annual Fund

Without the generous support of families and friends, Camphill Village could not possibly fulfill its mission of service. The Annual Fund is vitally important to maintaining Camphill Village’s wonderful quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities. Our fundraising goal this year is $2.6 million.

You can support the Annual Fund in several different ways:

  • Make a gift online, using our secure form
  • Send a check to us here at the Village
  • Make a gift of appreciated stock
  • Give cryptocurrency

We’re here to answer any questions you have about your gift to our Annual Fund. To learn more about the Camphill Village Annual Fund, please contact Elizabeth Phillips, Assistant Director of Development at or at X134.

Planned Giving

You can play a vital role in the future of Camphill Village USA, Inc., when you join the J. Murray Logan Legacy Circle by making a legacy gift to the Camphill Village Copake Foundation, which is chartered to support the work of Camphill Village.

Your legacy gift will ensure that future generations of adults with developmental disabilities will have the opportunity to enjoy a full life by making Camphill Village their home. Create your Planned Giving Plan here.

For many of our J. Murray Logan Legacy Circle donors, planned giving generates a profound sense of personal and emotional fulfillment.

If you have already included Camphill Village Copake Foundation in your estate plans, please let us know by calling Elizabeth Phillips at (518) 329-7924, extension 136 or by email at so that we can welcome you as a member of the Legacy Circle.

We stand ready to assist you in making certain that your intentions will be carried out, but in all cases when contemplating a legacy gift, you should first consult with your attorney or financial advisor.

For a complete list of ways to achieve your philanthropic and personal goals, please see our Legacy Giving Options.

Monthly Giving

Recurring donations like yours will ensure the stability of Camphill Village’s Annual Fund, which provides for the unparalleled programs, services, and therapies enjoyed by the residents of our community. Recurring gifts, no matter the size, show us you’re thinking of our community during the height of giving season, as well as those months when giving slows down. We thank you for your commitment to our community, and we’re glad to call you an All Weather Friend.

If you have a question not covered below, please feel free to contact Sarah Krenicki at or 518-329-4851 Ext 132.

Contact Sarah Krenicki at or 518-329-4851 Ext 132. Your change will take effect the following month.

If you need to cancel or suspend your monthly gift, please contact Sarah Krenicki at or 518-329-4851 Ext. 132. Your cancellation or suspension will take place immediately.

Camphill Village USA is a 501c(3) organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible. All monthly donors will receive a confirmation letter at the time of signup and an annual tax receipt reflecting the prior year’s total contributions.

Your first charge will occur on the day you submit your donation. Your donation schedule will begin the following month. If you are not able to make a monthly commitment, please make a one-time gift here.

Hear from our Residents

Read what our community members and their families say about the fulfilling lives we enjoy at Camphill Village.

“Camphill has provided Ellen with the enriched social life that she has always craved. We are so grateful for Camphill and its dedicated coworkers. It is a unique, caring and beautiful place!”

Marsha Ellen's mom

“Life in Camphilll means that you meet someone and work with them—with trust and willingness in order to be helpful. A new life begins within yourself.”


“When my parents were deciding about me moving to Camphill, I told them not to be sad, because I have lots of friends here. I could really be happy and that’s why I chose to live in Camphill Village.”


“You will learn so much and get very healthy walking around the community. Everyone is so welcoming and likes to talk to you.”


“Elisabeth has found in Camphill something few people achieve in life—community, meaningful work and the support of a host of friends who truly love her.”


Thank You for Your Support

Camphill Village has been blessed by families and friends who so generously contribute to our mission of being an integrated community where adults with developmental differences are living a life of dignity, equality, and purpose. Thank you for supporting our residents and our work.