Camphill Academy

Because Camphill Village is a campus of the Camphill Academy, you can earn your certification in one of three levels of our Social Therapy Program here in the Village. Our ability to offer this enriching coursework aligns with our wish to encourage all residents to pursue their interests and passions and develop meaningful relationships along the way.

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Social Therapy Program

Under the auspices of the Camphill Academy, Camphill Village USA offers a Social Therapy Program for residents of the Village, tuition-free. It is the only English-language program of its kind.

Practitioners of Social Therapy bring a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to working with individuals living at Camphill Village, including social work, human services, medicine, psychology, and nursing, as well as the arts, agriculture, and community building.

There are three levels of certification available to students at Camphill Village:

  1. Certificate in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophic Social Therapy
  2. Paraprofessional Certificate in Anthroposophic Social Therapy
  3. Diploma in Anthroposophic Social Therapy


Students have the option to study Social Agriculture and Biodynamic Studies as a concentration area within the Social Therapy Program. Learn more here.

Students may choose to complete a bachelor’s degree in a field related to Social Therapy by transferring into a suitable BA completion program after completing the fourth year of the Social Therapy program.