The Bakery

Our bakery is one of the most beloved places in our Village. Like our other work places, it is built around an image of the complete process: from grain grown to loaf offered, rather than production through assembly-line tasks. As many as twenty bakers work throughout the day — some rising early, some coming in later — to make bread, rolls, cookies, biscotti, granola and pasta for local delivery and farmers markets. A number of local businesses take our cookies and granola as far south as New York City.

We take an active interest in collaborating with regional growers and producers toward a sustainable and diverse grain economy. As part of this effort, we have sourced more than half of our total grain from local organic or biodynamic sources.

Camphill Village is closed to visitors until further notice. We hope everyone can understand the threat COVID-19 poses is far too great for us to remain open. You can learn all about the measures we're taking to stay healthy for each other here.