Patricia in the Village Co-op

“I love living at Camphill Village because it’s a peaceful, quiet place for all the villagers. Everybody is very nice, helpful, and reliable. I love my jobs in the Village because the people I work with are very helpful.”

Patricia Cinorre, resident

Tom on the farm

“Our son Tom has lived at Camphill Village Copake since Sept. 27, 2010.  When we first toured the village he fell in love with it and told us right away that he wanted to live there. This was his dream come true. Living at home and working at our supermarket was fine but he was bored. At Camphill he interacts with over 200 residents and is free to live his life. He has a lovely home and family with whom to live and friends throughout the village. Tom really enjoys the many outings and festivities  each year. He loves working on the farm in the mornings and working with the Estate crew maintaining the village grounds and providing fire wood for the homes in the afternoons. He has worked in the woodworking shop and candle shop previously. He has learned to make choices about his own life and has grown intellectually and in confidence about his own abilities.  As parents we will be thankful for the rest of our lives for the existence of Camphill communities and the opportunities they provide. We would not change a thing.”

Denise Miano, mother of resident Tom Miano

Beth taking a walk in Camphill

“As we three siblings of Beth have grown older, we have been concerned about Beth’s health, happiness, and welfare in her elder years. Through discussions with Camphill staff and co-workers during our visits to be with Beth, we are confident that Camphill Village will provide for Beth and see her through her final days. It is very reassuring to us to know that Beth will always have the loving support of her Camphill family.”

Anne Martin, John Stevens, and Bill Stevens: siblings of former resident Beth Stevens