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It’s Time for a Change!

What a world we live in. Life has been turned on its head by Covid19 and now American cities are burning with the fires of rage and disillusionment. Perhaps you are sitting with indecision about the future like so many others. Plans have been cancelled, all courses on-line, travel made very difficult, and so much more that it is dawning on you that something needs to be different. Our political systems, our relationships, our own thinking and hopes for the future need reconstruction. 

Camphill Village is a place that has been working for social and personal change for sixty years. People like you have come together to try to build a new model for life on this planet. We are an intentional community that practices shared economics, biodynamic (organic plus) agriculture, community decision making, producing handmade crafts, and a goal to restore the basic humanity of our members. And all of this is made possible by our secret ingredient; namely, the wonderful, insightful, faithful, and inspiring people with special needs with whom we live. We know that life must be lived for a purpose. This commitment to shared living opens the vistas of the future for us, a future that is about recognizing the potential of everyone and the benefits of a life lived with care and concern for others. And you can be a part of it! 

What’s in it for you? You will be able to experience life in community, living with several other people in a house and working with others in several of our work places. You can experience the beauty of our 600 acres…and the seasons… You will receive a place to live and wonderful, healthy food. You will be given a monthly monetary stipend to spend as you wish on incidentals and entertainment. Health insurance is provided. Vacation time and money is accrued. If you have college debt, we can help. You will meet people from all over the world. Mostly, you will be able to look at life…yours, even…from a different perspective, one which is much more concerned with doing than with thinking, and which will hopefully give you fresh insights into what life is asking of you. 

What do we ask in return? That you come to us with your heart open. That you join in the life of one or our houses and in our work areas. That you be willing to meet our residents on an equal level. That you be committed to transformation for the good in yourself, this community, our nations, and the world. That you help us learn new ways of being truly human in this ever-dehumanizing world. 

It is time for a change. Something new must begin to grow. We are convinced that Camphill Village is one of the places where this can be further fostered. We can change our thinking, but change only really happens when we put our thinking into action. You could act by joining us. We would welcome you.

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Camphill Village is closed to visitors until further notice. We hope everyone can understand the threat COVID-19 poses is far too great for us to remain open. You can learn all about the measures we're taking to stay healthy for each other here.