Kristina Labaty

Kristina has been living in Camphill Village since 2002. In her second year, she managed to complete the Training Course in Social Therapy, and has donned many hats since.

For more than a decade, Kristina was a member of the Core Group, which is charged with fixing the agenda for the Copake Circle. The Copake Circle is a weekly meeting that engages all long-term coworkers and processes larger community issues. Kristina has also been a member of the Village’s Admissions Group for eight years, assisting in the recruitment of new residents with special needs.

She has edited our weekly newsletter, The Echo, for the past twelve years, and is currently a member of the Village’s Communications Advisory Committee, which overseas publications. Recently, Kristina joined the Focus Group, which is the Village’s main leadership group here in the Village. In addition to the official group functions, Kristina has helped to create countless festivals, and has played an active role in the cultural life of our community. She is also a House Leader in the Village.

Before coming to Camphill Village in Copake, Kristina earned her bachelor’s degrees in English and Geography. She also spent three years in Perceval, a Camphill community in Switzerland. Before that, she spent one year in Beaver Run.

It was here in Copake that Kristina met and married her husband, John Carlson. The couple has three beautiful children between them. Living in a rural setting suits their interests quite nicely, as they love to hike and be out in nature. Kristina’s poetry is inspired by the awe-inspiring landscape in which she resides. She says she is grateful to be able to live and work in such a vibrant place.