Jan Berman

Jan Berman was the President and Chief Operating Officer of MechoShade Systems, Inc., until February 2018. He is now spending his time supporting Camphill Village via his position on the Board, as well as enjoying membership on the boards of two other organizations: The Building Energy Exchange based in NYC and the Cradle to Cradle Institute for Product Innovation based in Washington DC.  

Jan literally grew up in the business founded by his father, Joel Berman, the creator of the solar shade industry as we know it today.

Jan graduated from Ithaca College in 1980 with a BS in accounting.  After receiving his CPA, Jan joined MechoShade in 1982. Throughout his career, Mr. Berman has worked closely with many of the leading designers and architects in helping develop solar shading solutions to their unique building designs and projects.

Jan has worked in product development, implementing ideas resulting from his work with the design community, and helped develop new shade control systems and shade cloths that have both been honored with design awards.

Jan was promoted to President in 1999. Since that time, he has overseen the growth of MechoShade as the leading manufacturer of solar shading worldwide, overseeing increases in manufacturing capacity and expanding to international markets. 

His efforts put MechoShade products at the forefront of Green Building and Sustainable Design. He spearheaded the development of various “Cradle to Cradle” products, including certification of its MechoShade products the first of its kind in the world.

Jan has been an invited speaker on daylighting and façade automation for sustainable design at such national venues as NeoCon, the Center for Architecture in New York City, the High-Performance Green Building Design Salon, LightFair both in New York and in Las Vegas, and was a member of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory’s Dynamic Façade working group.

Jan is on the board of Directors of the Cradle to Cradle Institute for Product Innovation and the Building Energy Exchange (BeeX of NYC). He is also a minority shareholder and board member in three ventures: Digital Matrix, Inc., KleenEdge Systems LLC, and STretchWall, LLC. 

Jan loves skiing, fishing, tennis and hiking, and unfortunately, the Mets.

He and his wife Judy, have two children, one grandchild and live in Wilton, Ct.

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