Emily Wallach

Emily moved to Camphill Village from down south in 2012. She has two older sisters, a step sister, and a step brother. She grew up helping her mother in her beautiful vegetable garden in Banner Elk, North Carolina. Emily has brought so many talents to Camphill, and has been an asset to our community in many ways.

A natural leader, she currently lives in Wildern House, where she likes to cook. Emily just started working in the Village vegetable garden in spring of 2021, and has been busy planting peas and other early crops. Emily has been a fixture of the Village Bookbindery for several years – expertly sewing pages into the binding of her handmade journals, creating one-of-a-kind greeting cards, and hand-decorating the beautiful matchboxes that adorn the dining tables in the Village.

Emily has been on several major trips since moving to the Village, including Iceland, Washington DC, and Russia. “For Russia and Iceland, it was nice to experience how other people do things,” she says. “Iceland was so beautiful and amazing, and cold and warm depending on where you are.”

Emily is pleased to join the Board of Directors. “I like to have a say and have my thoughts included in decisions about the Village.”