Brooke Hogan

Brooke has had many responsibilities since she moved to Camphill Village from Rochester, NY in 2007.
She has been a member of the Village Writers Guild, Poetry Group, Love and Compassion Group, the Supreme 7, and is a secretary for the Village Forum. Brooke was also a trustee of the Camphill Association of North America (CANA), in which capacity she traveled to different Camphill communities (including Canada) and conveyed the information she learned there to Camphill Copake. Brooke has attended and helped organize the annual Camphill Foundation gala several times as a representative of the Village, and has also traveled to Washington D.C. for the purpose of advocating for a person’s right to choose to live in Camphill Village. Brooke has also traveled to India with Roswitha and Kumar Mal.

“I have had numerous opportunities that helped me to achieve who I am today,” she says. “In Camphill Copake I am in several important groups that help me to not only grow but to spread important information around the Village and to the public.”

She currently lives in Brookledge House, and works in the Bookbindery, the Coffee Shop, and the Village Co-op. “In the Bookbindery I like being able to be artistic, and whatever I make makes a difference in the world, and I like having people together in one place,” she says. “In the Coffee Shop I’m able to do a bit of everything. I do a lot of the library organizing and I like that. That’s one of the things I’m good at is organizing. In the past I did things with the library in Rochester.”

Brooke also has two siblings, four nephews, and a niece that she is close to. She frequently visits her parents in Rochester, but looks forward to her busier days at Camphill Village.

“Even though it can be a little overwhelming at times, it helps with my self worth and my ability to make a difference in the Village and outside the Village,” she says. “I like to spend the night typing up all of the minutes and notes that need to be sent out. It helps me understand how we do things in the Village. I love my life and I want to be known as a dedicated, responsible, outgoing person who will do anything to help others.”