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We fill our weeks with meaningful work that benefits our community. From craft and agricultural pursuits to domestic and culinary arts, Camphill Village has many needs that are fulfilled in a deeply connected way.
It is in our workplaces that coordinated groups of all abilities learn from one another while unfolding our gifts together.


The farm cares for a herd of twenty dairy cows and their youngstock, a small flock of sheep, and herd of pigs. The cows are milked by hand twice daily by our dedicated team of farmers.

The work of the farmers follows the demands of the seasons: hay making, fencing, mucking out barns and stalls, tending compost heaps, servicing machinery, and maintaining field boundaries. Following the principles of Biodynamic agriculture, the farm seeks to holistically enliven and maintain the soils, grasslands, and marginal lands of its 260 plus acres with regular application of the Biodynamic spray and compost preparations.

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We create functional and handmade goods in our craft studios, from raw material to polished product. Our candles, cutting boards, salves, and more deliver exceptional quality while embodying devotion and a sense of well-being.

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