Turtle Tree Seed

Camphill Village’s Turtle Tree Seed Biodynamic Seed Initiative

Turtle Tree Seed is the oldest biodynamic seed company in the United States.  Since the early 1990’s, our catalogue has been offering genetically diverse seed grown in our own gardens or by other certified biodynamic growers.  Today, we have the distinction of offering the largest number of varieties in one catalogue and we are the only seed company in North America that is exclusively biodynamic  - 288 varieties of vegetables, grains, herbs, flowers and ornamentals.  A team of 35 people, including adults with special needs, harvest, dry, clean, package, and ship seeds to over 40 farms and over 4,000 backyard gardeners across the country.

To explore Turtle Tree’s vast seed catalog or place an order, please visit http://www.turtletreeseed.org.